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The Joyfulli Book Club #1

On Feb 8, we had our first book club meeting, discussing “The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read” by Philippa Perry. I really enjoyed reading this, doing the exercises in my own time, then having the opportunity to discuss it with a group of amazing people. It would be too simplistic to say reading this book will help you resolve all the issues you might be experiencing but it definitely offers a lot of food for thought in an optimistic, compassionate and encouraging way. Here are my two main takeaways:

  • Relationships require nurturing This book was about relationships, including the one you have with yourself. The author discusses in detail the ingredients that can strengthen or weaken that bond and how to repair it when it ruptures. As with all relationships, disagreements happen and I really enjoyed the author’s thoughts on how to argue better, which I’ll write about in the next newsletter.

  • Disallowed feelings go into hiding “But when feelings are disallowed they do not disappear. They merely go into hiding, where they fester and cause trouble later on in life. Think about this: when do you shout the loudest? It is when you are not heard. Feelings need to be heard.” I love this quote because I see it in real-time when I muscle monitor clients during a Kinesiology session. The body can indicate it’s stressed physically and physiologically from a certain memory, thought or feeling even if it’s not in the client’s awareness. Through counselling, some of these (repressed) stresses are allowed to surface so that old wounds can heal and the person can move on from it.

Would you like to join us for the next Joyfulli Book Club? Contact Joy for details and the book title!


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