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In June, I went through an emotional period that greatly affected my health. My blood pressure went out of control (over 200/105!) and I continued to feel chest pains even after taking medicine. I decided to go see Joy and during the sessions, she helped me to release my emotional pain from past hurts. She also showed me some practical tools that I could do to move forward in a healthy way. Since then, my blood pressure has lowered significantly and is stable around 125/85 and I am able to better manage my emotions. One of the tools Joy taught me was breathing exercises. It’s simple but very useful! My daughter also enjoys the benefit from the breathing exercise too. It helps us to release stresses and improve our sleeping qualities, and now it has become a part of our evening routine besides pillow talk. Thank you so much, Joy! – Fiona

I had been feeling uncertainty and frustration towards various situations in my life, and in general was just experiencing a sense of depletion. After a kinesiology session with Joy, my emotions changed completely; I felt uplifted and relaxed, and that I was able to face my issues with a new perspective! With Joy, I feel I have a real chance to be emotionally vulnerable as she holds the space and am I grateful for this. – Ho Fan 

I wanted to improve my overall well being, both physically and mentally and decided to seek out a kinesiology session with Joy. I found her to be very professional and she helped me understand specific issues I was going through. I had previously been confused and frustrated, but after just one session I felt much more relaxed and content. I highly recommend Joy to friends and family! - Anonymous

After a kinesiology session with Joy, I felt more content and relaxed than before I went in. I’m more aware of my issues and am willing to take the time to change my approach to them.

- Teacher

I visited Joy not for any serious physical problems, but because I was curious about Kinesiology. Through our sessions, Joy's insight and practice has helped with my chronic issues such as low level stress, sleep difficulties and sinus pain. Now I think of Joy's sessions as a regular part of keeping healthy, just like exercise and eating right! – Brian

Previously I had limited knowledge of kinesiology, I just knew it involved testing muscles for reflexes in relation to something. Despite my doubts about it, I decided to have a session with Joy. Without mentioning any of my issues to her, Joy was able to pinpoint areas in my life I had been holding on to stresses and fears – and I thought I was a highly emotionally quotient person! As she continued with the treatment to release these areas, I found myself crying uncontrollably to then feeling a sense of relief afterwards.

In another session, Joy mentioned a specific time in my life that had left me heartbroken, which I thought I had dealt with and let go of. I didn’t feel much during the session, but later that evening, I burst into tears and cried with the same intensity as when I had gone through at that time. After 10 minutes or so, I felt incredibly light and peaceful. Now that particular memory no longer evokes such heavy emotions, and I can say I’ve fully let go of the hurt/pain.


I have greatly benefitted from these kinesiology sessions. I have no doubts in recommending Joy to anymore who is looking for a way to sustain their health, and find balance physiologically, biomechanically and psychologically. - Linna

I have been seeing Joy for about two years now. Whether it is about working on my self-limiting beliefs that kept me from accepting abundance, or helping me regain my energy, Joy often provides me with different perspectives and empowers me to take an extra step to resolve my issues. The sessions are relaxing and insightful. I am grateful to have Joy to be my kinesiologist. - Pauline

My desire in life is to be happier and be able to face and deal with in a better and easier way. I sought out Joy for a kinesiology session to help me on this path. She was professional and I felt comfortable throughout the session. Now I feel I have a better understanding of my issues and I’m starting to face them with a new perspective. - Fiona Tze Hay

I came to Joy to work on anger management and rejection issue that has been bothering me pretty much my entire adult life. Joy is extremely easy to work with and I always looked forward to our sessions. She has put everything into perspective for me and coming out from her session feeling grounded and having a realistic sense of what is happening in my life. Her advice was practical and the action plan and goals that we came up with together were effective, easy to do and achieve. I've worked with a few different counsellors in the past and I found Joy's direct and straight-to-the-point approach suits me well. Having said that, she was also objective and comfortable to talk to, I felt like she respected everything I had to say, at the same time she also had a good amount of input in the session. It is important to me to feel a smooth flow of interaction and that the counsellor and I are both involved equally in the process. Some counsellors focus a lot on digging the past and emotion talks, some, on the other hand, focus more on the solutions than the background of the issues, whilst Joy makes a perfect balance on both. I'm satisfied and grateful for my experience with Joy.’

- Media Marketer

When I was with Joy, it was like magic. By the end of the lesson, she made my muscles stronger and she also helps me realize that some skills I have and don’t have. Somehow, I don’t know how, I stopped wetting my bed. I don’t know why but it did because she helped me to use my muscles to connect to my skills, and to use every part of my body to help me make my muscles connected to my bladder, by using her hands to put pressure on my hands or feet and for me to try to hold my foot or hand there. At the beginning of the lesson, some parts of me are usually weak but by talking to Joy throughout the session and learning about myself by the end of the lesson those muscles are much stronger and I am stronger too.” - 10-year-old client

I have had several kinesiology sessions with Joy before, and they have always left me with awesome feelings and gave me a sense of immediate stress relief! - Anonymous

I’m a pretty happy person, but have been dealing with a personal issue and sought out a session with Joy. After I felt I had a better understanding of my issue and was less frustrated and anxious about it. – Yu Ming

A friend recommended me to see Joy, specifically for dealing with high stress levels. I left feeling more content and relaxed, and found that the session helped enhance my awareness and empowerment for my business. - CEO

Joy is a very intuitive counsellor who has a deep capacity to listen and draw out patters of behaviour and thought. This, from my experience, has led to revealing and profound conclusions.

- Anonymous

Joy’s communication ability with kids is very positive and makes kids feels safe and open up and share their concerns. Before we started with Joy, we tried many different things including medical and other software that tracks bedwetting. Those didn’t work for us. We are so thankful to Joy and her “magical work”.

- 10-year-old client's Mother

I arranged a meditation class with Joy for the team in the office and my colleagues love it! It gave the team a quality time to slow down and take a rest during the hectic day to refresh their mind. Joy is also very easy to work with and organizing the event with her is very smooth! - Yan, HR & Office Administration

Joy, thank you once again for seeing me last Monday. I can’t tell you enough how good it felt to talk to someone. 


My experience with you was very eye-opening. I knew I was trying to carry on not wanting to deal with emotions from the incident I was involved in, but to see how those emotions are holding onto my body was very interesting… especially when you asked me to talk about the experience while placing your hand on me. It shows me that I need to take time and not rush through this healing process, and really work through it. I used a couple of the tips you gave me to help me get comfortable at home. I’m using a little blanket to prop up the left side of my body, so my rib isn’t being pressed into. I’m also placing my hand where it hurts, and repeating to myself “you’re ok, everything is going to be ok,” which helps me with all the anxiety I’m still dealing with. I really liked the visualisation practice you did with me, really helped me to feel a sense of hope allowing me to remember it’s through this process I will grow. That night after seeing you I slept much better, got a full 7 hours in without waking up, and no tossing and turning for hours before I fell asleep! All in all, you reminded me of something very important; to change my perspective and focus on what I can do; take it a day at a time. I think this is the wake-up call I needed to slow down and focus on being just a little better than I was yesterday. - Trainer/Wellness Coach

After the session, I felt like a blank canvas, like I’ve been “rebooted”. While this is good in general, it is making it very difficult to concentrate as I feel like in a daze most of the time. I think it is also a good thing, but I seem unfazed by most things, but even the things that usually get me excited. Also, I cannot stop falling asleep. It’s like my body has taken this moment to catch up on a lot of much-needed sleep! All in all, I feel like a weight has gone, of a ball of stress and anxiety has lifted, a narrative has been silenced, which feels great, but I need to get down and start rewriting my programme. - Ben, Trainer

Working with Joy is a special experience, one which is both refreshing and enlightening. A session with her blends Eastern and Western traditions in a fashion that is truly unique - a mix of physical therapy, counselling, and meditation. Joy's sensitivity, good humour, and intuition creates a space where both your true self and the parts that shape how you see the world are not only welcomed but embraced. Even with a single session, I felt a sense of great ease both in my mind and my body. - Jeff, COO

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