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My Services

You are a mental, spiritual, physical and emotional being. At your core, all these areas need to be in balance in order for you to be able to interact and relate to everything around you.
When your core is strong and balanced, you can enjoy a harmonious relationship with other areas of your life, including your family and friends, your community and workplace and external environment.

Stress Management


Sources of stress can range from a hectic work place, difficult relationships to environmental factors. I work with you to discover what is stressful to you, how it affects you, and ways to manage those stressors in your daily life.



In counselling, evidence based therapies, for example talk therapy are used to promote self-awareness.

I will create a safe space for you to be open and explore your issues deeper and help develop coping strategies.



Access the body's physical, mental and emotional blockages through biofeedback. I use a combination of techniques including acupressure, talk therapy and aromatherapy to bring your body back to balance.


Mindfulness meditation is the practice of being in the moment in a non-judgemental and calm way. As a stress management tool, it helps manage our reactive mind, plagued with unhelpful thought patterns, and allows us to refocus in a more constructive and positive way.

Kids Classes


By exploring the body through movement, the child develops a stronger awareness of the connection between their inner and outer world. The objective is to promote problem solving skills, become more focused and confident, and find joy in physical movement at an early age.  

Corporate Wellness


Happier and healthier employees means a more efficient and effective workplace. These workshops explore the ideas of stress, its effects, and practical ways in managing it.

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