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Stop and Smell the Roses ... if your body permits.

Aggravating allergic reactions do not have to be a permanent part of your life.For many of us who experience allergies, we know what a nuisance and inconvenience they can be. The itchy eyes, runny nose and upset tummy can be unpleasant, and some reactions may even be life-threatening.Do you REALLY have an allergy?

It is important to differentiate between allergies, sensitivities and intolerances since they are different bodily responses that require different treatments. While all three result in adverse reactions, allergies involve the immune system, whereas sensitivities and intolerances do not. More specifically, allergies are when the body interprets a substance as harmful and create antibodies to attack it, while intolerances usually occur when the body lacks a particular digestive or metabolic enzyme. The triggers and responses tend to be consistent with allergies and intolerances, but not so with sensitivities.

Did you know your allergies don't have to be permanent? It may be a relief to know that your immune reactions can be corrected. Kinesiology can help desensitize the reaction of the body through the use of methods such as acupressure and nutritional counseling. Whether it's dust, molds, pollen, nuts, or dairy, mild to severe allergies can be treated with Kinesiology with an extremely high rate of success.

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