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Using Kinesiology to Help Treat Child Bedwetting Issue

"She had been wetting her bed for nearly 4 years and had sought out many different treatments, but it was only through kinesiology and counselling that we saw any change!" - Joy Li A 10-year-old international school student came to see me for bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis), which has been recurring since the age of 6. The frequency was about 4-5 times a week. No obvious correlation was detected between the bedwetting and what’s happening in her life. They have seen numerous specialists but the issue persisted. After the first and second sessions of Kinesiology and Counselling, the bedwetting occurrences reduced by half. After the third session, it happened once every 2 weeks. Since then, no further maintenance sessions were required to sustain progress. The Client still very occasionally experiences incontinence but nothing ongoing. During the sessions, muscle monitoring indicated emotional and mental stress. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that she has had difficulties with social interactions and situations where she wasn’t in control since she was born. After this information surfaced, we were able to come up with coping strategies together. The sessions also helped the mother understand her daughter better. Interestingly, muscle monitoring also indicated an energetic imbalance in the bladder and kidney meridians. Emotions associated with these meridians include panic, fear, and anxiety. By using acupressure and talking about these emotions, we were able to bring these meridians and the muscles related to these meridians back into balance. Once the client gained more awareness of mental and emotional connection to the bedwetting, it allowed her more control of things happening in her life and ultimately stopping the bedwetting.

Words from the 10-year-old Client... When I was with Joy, it was like magic. By the end of the lesson, she made my muscles stronger and she also helped me realize that some skills I have and don’t have. Somehow, I don’t know how I stopped wetting my bed. I don’t know why but it did because she helped me to use my muscles to connect to my skills, and to use every part of my body to help me make my muscles connect to my bladder, by using her hands to put pressure on my hands or feet and for me to try to hold my foot or hand there. At the beginning of the lesson, some parts of me were weak but by talking to Joy throughout the session and learning about myself, by the end of the lesson those muscles are much stronger and I am stronger too. Words from the Client's Mother... Joy’s communication ability with kids is very positive and makes kids feel safe and open up and share their concerns. Before we started with Joy, we tried many different things including medical and other software that tracks bedwetting. Those didn’t work for us. We are so thankful to Joy and her “magical work".


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