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How do you manage your wellbeing when your environment is in turmoil?

Recent events in Hong Kong have undoubtedly affected you in some way. In my practice, clients have reported feelings of hopelessness, frustration, anxiety, and anger. You may be experiencing poor sleep quality, low energy, and fatigue. Here are my thoughts and tips on how to manage this turbulent time more positively.

Checking In

Take a moment to reflect on how you are feeling mentally and physically. If you find that you are not at your best over an atypical period, it’s time to practice self-care or seek professional assistance for support. Ultimately, when you are in a balanced state, you will be able to face stressful situations with more creativity, fortitude, and compassion.

Unplug from the News

If you find that the news and social media is having a negative impact, take a break from it. Start by resisting the urge to reach for your phone immediately when you get up, and put it away and spend time winding down before you go to bed. Instead, try starting your day with something that energises you, or puts your mind at ease right before bed.

Express Yourself

It might feel awkward or uncomfortable to engage in conversations with the people around you but it’s important to be able to have a platform from which you could safely express yourself. Try to find a space where you are able to have an open dialogue with people that you are comfortable with. Remember that you always have the choice to take a pause to do some self-reflection at anytime so that you can make the right decision for yourself whether to continue with the conversation or go back to it another day.

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