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Joy’s Quarantine Tips

When I mentioned to people I was going to have to quarantine in a Hong Kong hotel for 21 days after my Christmas break, I was met with “I could never do that!”, “I’d be so bored!”, “I don’t think I could survive it”. I definitely related to those feelings of worry, panic, grief and frustration. I hope by sharing a few of my tips that it could help you or someone you know through this new norm. How are you feeling?

If the thought of quarantine is making your feeling anxious, I would suggest arming yourself with information. The HK Quarantine support group was great for up-to-date information, a sympathetic ear and even a few laughs. It’s nice to see they’ve received some international press coverage as well! "How a 30,000-member Facebook group is helping Hong Kong navigate one of the world's longest quarantines" CNN, Feb 5 2021 "Easing the Pain of the Pandemic With the Kindness of Strangers" NY Times, Feb 23 2021

What can you control?

Ahead of quarantine, I thought about the different aspects of my needs and packed accordingly. Here’s a little sample:

Something for my brain

  • Brought a few good books and made sure I could access movies and podcasts

  • A friend dropped off a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle - which I don’t think I’ve done in years!

Something for my body

  • Downloaded some workout apps and packed accessories (yoga mat, resistance bands, small foam roller)

  • Stretching really helped alleviate the aches and pains which comes with limited movement and working from a non-ergonomic environment

  • I’d highly recommend @fleurchiro on Instagram for spine health, self-massage and pain relief tips

Something for my heart

  • I found giving myself permission to ask for help or reach out to friends and family took off some weight from uncomfortable feelings that pop up

  • Following a guided meditation and packing some aromatherapy oils really helped to calm and centre myself

Something for my soul

  • It was important for me to reduce the use of plastic utensils by bringing my own and to organize plastic containers from food deliveries to be recycled post quarantine

  • I took this precious and rare quiet time when I don’t have to be anywhere or be somebody to someone to reflect on thoughts and feelings that have been coming up and to sit with them


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