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Are you disconnected?

Hello, I'm Joy Li

Based in Hong Kong, I help and support individuals to apply balance in their lives. By using kinesiology, counselling and practical tools, learn how you can manage your own stress levels; be more connected to yourself and others, and live a more enjoyable life!

Core Services

Stress Management


Sources of stress can range from a hectic work place, difficult relationships to environmental factors. I work with you to discover what is stressful to you, how it affects you, and ways to manage those stressors in your daily life.



In counselling, evidence based therapies, for example talk therapy are used to promote self-awareness.

I will create a safe space for you to be open and explore your issues deeper and help develop coping strategies.



Access the body's physical, mental and emotional blockages through biofeedback. I use a combination of techniques including acupressure, talk therapy and aromatherapy to bring your body back to balance.

Find out more about kinesiology

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What Clients Say

I decided to go see Joy and during the kinesiology sessions, she helped me to release my emotional pain from past hurts. She also showed me some practical tools that I could do to move forward in a healthy way.

– Fiona

Since seeing Joy I’ve been learning how to better preserve and replenish my energy. There are still issues I want to work on, and having regular kinesiology sessions with Joy has allowed me to experience changes and improvements in my life.

– Win-sie

Through our kinesiology sessions, Joy's insight and practice has helped with my chronic issues such as low level stress, sleep difficulties and sinus pain. Now I think of Joy's sessions as a regular part of keeping healthy, just like exercise and eating right! – Brian

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If you are ready to make a change in your life and looking for support, have a chat with Joy!

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