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My 2-week Detox Takeaway

I love food. I love growing it, purchasing it, cooking it, eating it. For me, it’s about fun, celebration and a way of caring for people. I ’m also captivated by how food can both heal and harm our bodies. The research out there on the gut-brain connection is fascinating. I was curious to see whether changing my diet could improve my health. Here’s my takeaway from my experience.

Work with a professional I worked with a naturopath who helped me figure out the best diet for my health goals and I found the experience very insightful. Also having someone give me tips on menu ideas and support on challenges I faced made everything easier.


Time and organisation

I definitely spent more time thinking about food from the planning, shopping, preparing, to reading food labels. Once I got into the habit of organisingmeals for the week on the weekend, it made it a lot less stressful.


I didn’t starve Despite what my mother said about white rice giving me energy, I was feeling energetic overall despite not having refined grains and worked out like normal.


But how do I socialise? A lot of our socialising happens around food. If you are meeting someone, take the initiative to suggest having a packed lunch at the park or go to a restaurant that can accommodate your diet. You can also eat a little something prior in case the restaurant has a limited selection.


Everybody has an opinion Because of the strong connection between food and emotions, often times people will share their thoughts on your diet with you. Should you feel overwhelmed, make sure you have supportive people you can reach out to.


Outcome? The biggest improvement for me was probably my skin. I became more aware of how different foods made me feel. The detox built the inertia to improve other aspects of my health and wellbeing including actioning my plan to declutter my apartment! Overall, I liked the feeling of eating more whole foods. As a bonus, I probably used less single-use plastic.

If you are thinking of going on a detox and want to see what may be best for you, have a chat with Joy.


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