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30-day Decluttering Challenge

In traditional Chinese culture, Spring Cleaning happens 3 days before the Lunar New Year. The exercise is as much about dusting off your physical environment as much as cleansing the bad luck and energy from the previous year, to allow in good luck for the year to come. With that in mind, I would like to invite you to take part in the 30-day Decluttering Challenge with me.

Before you panic, let me say that even accomplishing one day of the tasks is a success. The calendar is a guide for you and is meant to help provide a bit of inspiration. Go at your own pace and celebrate your efforts. I also encourage you to share your experience by posting your decluttering experiences on my Facebook page so that it can inspire others as well. Every task you complete will manifest more physical, mental, emotional and energetic clarity and abundance. Happy cleansing!


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